Judge T. King Fifer


Begining, January 1, 2016, the Court will hear motions on Friday mornings. Typically, five (5) motions will be set each half-hour. If the parties anticipate requiring more than 15 minutes, please advise the clerks so that it can be set as an extended hearing. All motions are to be set with the Clerk's office (214-653-7366); however, if you are attempting to set a motion for a time that is different from the Friday motion docket then check with Court Administrator Laura Nutting. 

Emergency Motions:
Hearings also can be set at different times in exigent circumstances. Check with Court Administrator Laura Nutting regarding availability for an emergency hearing. The Court may accept telephone calls during depositions and other proceedings involving all counsel if an issue arises requiring immediate attention.

Telephone Hearings:
Telephone hearings may be scheduled under certain circumstances, please contact Court Administrator Laura Nutting to schedule a telephone hearing. The party requesting the telephone hearing must arrange for all applicable counsel to be included on the conference call.  

Certificates of Conference:
Motions require a certificate of conference.  See Local Rule 2.07.  The Deputy Clerk will not set a hearing on a motion without a certificate of conference.

Summary Judgment Hearings:
The Court does not require a certificate of conference for summary judgment motions. 

Cancellation of Hearings:
Please notify the Court, all counsel and/or pro se parties, if you need to cancel a hearing.

Although we try to keep this website as up-to-date as possible, the information above can change.  If you have any question about a motion or a hearing, please contact the Deputy Clerk at 214-653-7366.